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108 Harley Street

108 Harley Street is a well-established Harley Street clinic run by consultant surgeon Gerry Gilmore and his team. Their branding and website presence required enhancing and above all there was a need to bring greater emphasis to the various medical modalities offered within the Clinic.


After strategic consultation with the 108 Board and senior management, salve Horsetiger enhanced their core brand, the renowned “108 Harley Street” name, and then developed a range of colour coded sub brands to identify and promote each individual medical activity. As a well established name and practice in Harley Street, critical attention was given to the evolution of the brand rather than revolutionary change. This branding has been integrated by Horsetiger into an advanced but consumer friendly website; all other marketing activities and materials ranging from consumer and trade advertisements, direct mail shots to clinic stationary and brochures are designed and produced by Horsetiger ensuring branding consistency and quality.

Client Comment

“We engaged Horsetiger to review our branding and marketing activities including our website development. The results to date have been exceptional with our online referrals increasing by 500% in the 12 months since the new site went live. We wanted a Consultant that we could partner with and who would deliver practical and relevant advice not just advice. Horsetiger have got to know our business and delivered.”

Hamish Millar

Commercial and Financial Director